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Astrology consultation
with Alexandre Gonçalves

What is a personal astrology consultation?


A personal astrology consultation is, first and foremost, a profound encounter between Souls - and a cosmic revelation. The basis for the consultation is the Natal Chart, which is the map of the sky on the location, day and time of your birth. This is calculated specifically for each individual. During the consultation, you are provided with GUIDANCE  on your life, decoding this cosmic language that is very rich astrological symbolism.

If this is the first time you have an astrology consultation with me, the focus will be totally on YOU and your Natal Chart, and we will explore the main challenges at personality level. You will become aware and conscious of your main gifts, talents, challenges and processes. Please note that I have a therapeutic, psychological and spiritual approach. Intuition will be my main guide, so that I can Serve you better. It will not be a purely technical/ mental approach, with excessive detail that is ultimately not useful. We will also discuss the most important transits and secondary progressions that will take place in the next year.

If you previously had an astrology consultation with me, the focus of the "follow-up session" will mainly be the transits and the progressions for the coming year. We can also discuss in depth any questions you may bring to the consultation.

You can book an IN-PERSON appointment (in Albufeira) or ONLINE.

The session has an approximate duration of 90 minutes.

After the session, you will receive via email the recording of the session, your Natal Chart and a report of transits and progressions. You may also wish to record the session yourself.

Please note there will not be a written report of the interpretations.

Price: € 90 VAT INCLUDED

Astrology students who are registered in the current school year on one of my courses and with up-to-date payments, will receive a discount of €10.


Before you decide to book an appointment with me, you must read and agree with the following terms:

Book an appointment with me IF:

  • You respect your process of self-knowledge and personal growth;

  • You are the person seeking the appointment and you are not being forced by someone else;

  • You understand and sense that there is something in your life that needs to change;

  • You are willing to open your mind and heart, and see different points-of-view of the same reality;

  • You want to Serve more and Love more;

  • You want to know how Life and the Universe are interconnected and how you fit in the puzzle;

  • You intend to take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for your LIFE.


Don't book an appointment with me IF:

  • You are looking for psychics, mediums, fatalistic divination or you are looking for spell-based activities;

  • You think your life is not how you want it to be because of "evil eye", "spells", "other people","the planets" and other exterior projections;

  • You believe that someone can solve your life for you, without input and effort from your side;

  • You don't want to talk about yourself and your pain points;

  • You are just curious to try out or curious to test my knowledge;

  • You think this type of work shouldn't be charged;

  • You just want someone to offload your frustrations;

  • You think I will "READ" your Natal Chart in full. This would be the work of a lifetime. What happens in the consultation is an APPROACH to your Natal Chart, adapted to the current moment, your questions and objectives, using my intuition.


  • Bookings can ONLY be made by the person who will attend the appointment, including teenagers (>= 18 years).

  • You must provide the date, time and place of birth in due time. The session will be based on that information. I cannot take responsibility for the incorrect information being provided.

  • To comply with ethics and universal energy, we will ONLY use information from YOUR Natal Chart, with the exception of underage children;

  • How to prepare for your session:

    • Become aware and set the intention for the session. The more clear your intention is, and the more real and authentic your intention is, the more productive the session will be. You are the one who defines how much and what you will get from our session.

  • Complete the form below correctly and pay a deposit of 50% of the amount of the session. The deposit can be returned for cancellations up to 48 hours before the session or alternativey you can reschedule the session up to 48 hours beforehand.

  • After submitting the form, you will be contacted by email and/or message to arrange a date and time.

The number of places is limited. At this time, 50 will be opened and when this limit is reached the form will no longer accept requests. New blocks of vacancies will be opened as availability arises. NOTE: There will be no waiting list.

About me

My name is Alexandre Gonçalves

I was born in Portimão, in the Algarve, in 1985. After starting my studies in IT, I realised my journey was going to change and I moved from learning about machines to learning about people, and started my journey focused on Healing and Consciousness.

I started studying astrology in 2006 and went to various schools and learned from various teachers. Since 2008, I'm a fulltime astrologer and see people for astrology and healing. In 2010 I opened the astrology school STARLIGHT in Albufeira.

In 2012, I completed my degree in Psychology, in order to integrate more fully a psychological and therapeutic element in the sessions.

During the course of these years, I have seen hundreds of clients and have delivered thousands of hours of training, conferences, courses, workshops, meetings and seminars.

I believe in, promulgate and share in Astrology focused on Consciousness, Human and Spiritual Development and as a tool for Healing.

  • Licentiate degree in Psychology by Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais / Ualg;

  • Professional trainer with accreditation by IEFP;

  • Trained in Psychological, Karmic, Humanist and Transpersonal Astrology;

  • Additional training in Reiki, Karuna Healing System, tapping, regression and Mental Images;

  • Healer/Chakra Technician, certified by Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing;

  • Member of ASPAS - Associação Portuguesa de Astrologia;

  • Trained in Ethics and Consultation Techniques by ISAR - International Society for Astrology Research.

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