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6th - 10th October 2023

Senhora da Rocha 
Algarve, Portugal
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Sipping a refreshing drink made from lemons picked from the tree seconds ago, beside the swimming pool, as the setting sun slowly sinks into the sea…a gentle breeze delights you with the scent of lavender and the jacaranda tree... 

It's the end of a wonderful day experiencing the uplifting energy, peacefulness and pace of life of the secret Algarve. 

Our flagship transformational retreat in Portugal is back, and it is more fearless than ever. This retreat is a pure antidote to the challenges of modern life. In these stunning and comfortable surroundings, with the kind and expert guidance of our transformation workers, you will unpeel the layers of everything the human experience throws at you. Free of worries, numbness, fear, uncertainty, inadequacy, you easily find your way back to the love and joy of your beautiful Soul. The simple truth? Your eternal Inner Light has never left you. It has always been there and forever will be.


From my heart to yours

The Portugal retreat is very close to my heart as it takes places in the small, fishing village in the Algarve where I grew up, called Senhora da Rocha. I take so much pride in immersing people in the real Algarve. The Algarve known by the locals, the nature connectedness, the Portuguese hospitality which comes so naturally to the people of this mystical country.

The nearest airport is Faro airport, an easy 40 minute journey from the venue. 

Participants will arrive on Friday, 6th October 2023 and be warmly welcomed and shown around the stunning villa and gardens, and their accommodation (a one minute walk from the villa).

We will introduce the programme and the facilitators over a refreshing drink and a delicious buffet of traditional sweet and savoury Portuguese delicacies prepared by our Private Chef.

On the first evening, our Private Chef Alex will host a Show & Tell of Healing Herbs and Plants of the Algarve. He will bring over a wide sample of plants from his local and organic garden kitchen, explain their medicinal and healing properties, all while preparing us a bespoke and delicious tea with the best leaves.

The days will be filled with the following activities:

• Workshops on Astrology, Tarot and Past Life Regression. The workshops are delivered by guest speakers who specialise in each topic. I can personally vouch for every facilitator. They are experts in their field whom I've known for 10+ years and 20+ years. These workshops are not just about learning, they are healing and transformational and the building blocks to make sure participants leave the retreat feeling completely renewed, transformed and ready to take on life with a whole new outlook.

• Daily Pilates and Yoga Practice with our amazing instructor Daniela Luz. This lady has a beautiful heart and just emanates pure love and kindness. 

• Reiki Karuna Healing session in our lovely therapy room or tent under the jacaranda in the lavender circle (1x healing session per participant. If you feel you would benefit from an additional session, just let me know and this will be arranged).

• Relaxing evenings with Mandala painting, Yoga Nidra and guided ritual by the firepit.

• Daily wild swimming in the Atlantic ocean.

• Visit to the Stupa, a magical location in the deep Algarve. We will have a guided meditation there to make the most out of the gorgeous energy.

• Sunset in Senhora da Rocha.

• Access to the swimming pool, beach, Jacuzzi, local hikes on the cliffs of the Atlantic.

• Accommodation and vegetarian meals included (any dietary requirements, can of course be accommodated). This retreat has lovingly been nicknamed the "fattening retreat" by previous participants due to the delicious and omnipresent food. 

• The retreat will have a max. of 12 participants. Your investment is £1350. This includes accommodation in a private room, all activities and all meals. The early bird cost is £1200 for bookings made before 01st August 2023.



“My Journeys with Jill & Friends was my first spiritual retreat and it absolutely blew my mind and my heart wide open :) Jill as well as the other teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, very friendly and kind. I learned so much in such a short time, and I feel more relaxed and at peace than I've felt in years. The setting of the retreat, nature walks and ocean swims really complemented nicely the more spiritual aspects of it. Oh, and the food is just beyond delicious! I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is interested in holistic treatments and who wants to connect with other people on the same level.” AC

“I participated in Jill’s retreat in October 2022 in Portugal. The location was absolutely stunning. Jill created a schedule which was interesting and enriching, allowing for enough free time to come out of the retreat feeling relaxed and invigorated. The food was plentiful and delicious. Jill created an atmosphere which was supportive and fun within the group. The teachers were incredibly interesting, friendly, and compassionate. It was a magical retreat and I would highly recommend.” SC

“I knew this experience would be life changing, but I did not expect to come out of it having made very important decisions that were “tormenting” me the months prior to the retreat.

Everything was amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went, but everything was above any of my expectations. The food was excellent, the company amazing. It was so good to be able to have meals with different people, all strangers in the beginning, and creating such beautiful experiences. All of us were willing to share ourselves, because we knew others wouldn’t be judging, but wanting to help instead.
The classes, workshops, the fire ritual, everything was very well organised. There was also plenty of free time for us to do whatever we felt like doing.
Definitely recommend it. Jill is very caring and thoughtful, and wants to make sure everyone is enjoying and benefiting from the program. A 5* host. :)
” MR

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